Stan Torum Returns with a Vengeance

Stan Torum vs Krush, Roid Rage: Stan's Revenge (Krushco)

Torum and Gaz have the most luscious bodies of all Krush's regular adversaries, and along with Lionel, Lucien, and a few other fighters, they offer Krush the most interesting competition. Stan Torum's run-ins with the main strongman have been the most consistently narrative of the lot--and the most inventive and daring in their settings (hot tubs, for instance, and rooftops). It's unnecessary to parse out the significance of Stan's moniker; I don't think the ongoing conflict is political allegory, apart from the name's pointed mockery of an enemy to LGBTI rights.

For most of these battles, Krush has whipped Torum like a dog, though Torum retaliates impressively (if not always effectively) with strength, fight savvy, and deviousness. The subtitle to this particular match promises that the roles will be reversed this time--or does it? The setup is friendly enough, with the two exchanging casual greetings in a respectful, sportsmanlike way. But then Stan rushes the start of the match, blindsiding a distracted Krush and taking him down, while announcing, "It's MY mat today!"

On the mat, he holds Krush down in a side headlock (one of my faves, if you hadn't figured that out already). Then he quickly releases, letting Krush regain his footing, as if, on second thought, Torum would prefer a legitimate takedown, which he executes beautifully in the form of a hip toss. With a knee planted in Krush's midsection, he clutches the back of the man's neck and recklessly jerks it forward. His patter may seem teasing, but the moves certainly suggest he means business. He dares the notoriously hotheaded superstar to get up, but then roughly shoves him back down again.

Krush fans are naturally going to wonder how long our man is going to put up with this. Over the years, we've been primed for quick and sure comeuppance whenever any of Krush's adversaries "cross the line" (or, more to the point, "gain any kind of advantage over Krush"). Stan is inventive in the ways he binds Krush's body with his own, giving us the rare sight of Krush thrashing around helplessly in an opponent's grip for minutes on end. More headlocks, single-leg crabs, rear bear hug and body scissor combos, T-shirt ripping, and chokes follow, almost tripping over each other as Stan darts from one physical abuse to another.

It's a star turn by Stan Torum, but how long will the handsome kid's luck hold out? My lips are sealed. I will say the moves, the camerawork, the exciting slap of muscle on muscle, all make me want to see more than 27 minutes of this. Surely, the Krush-Torum saga is only beginning, but this time we see them on an un-exotic regulation mat, not a hot tub in sight. Next time, who knows? They may be wrestling in a helicopter circling the Statue of Liberty at 9000 feet--or suspended from bungee cords attached to the rafters of a blimp hanger. Whatever, wherever, I'm there.


  1. These caps showing Krush in agony are top notch. It's time that the alpha male got a taste of his own medicine.

  2. I agree with eropure. And the preview video certainly makes it look like Stan achieves his goal. Just watching him appear to crush Krush makes me quiver with utter delight. He deserves this vengeance.

  3. I bought the download. Worth every penny. I love the multiple submissions. I hope Stan returns to face-off against others of the more impressive guys.

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  5. Stan was your best opponent ever!


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