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Duke Russo vs Dario Espinosa (Movimus)

My man Duke Russo, 5'9", 179#, has made short work of all the opponents he's defeated at Movimus, which, as of this date, is all of them. A match against Dario Espinosa, 5'8", 188#, has seemed inevitable since Dario's debut just over a year ago. Both men are powerhouses with Dario holding the edge on muscle and Duke, on prowess, yet this new match falls short ... literally ... lasting just under nine minutes (with an additional four minutes of opening stretches). So is the 12.5-minute video worth the $26.99? Very nearly, yes. Just the same, to offset its latest release's brevity, Movimus offers, with purchase, your choice of a second video for 40% off. (My recommendation is take the deal and pick up one of Duke's or Dario's previous matches, too.)

Even in a truncated match, Russo and Espinosa are as spellbinding as I could have hoped for. Duke, the definition of grappling hunkitude, has owned my heart since he hit the mats late in 2015--and in 2017 he looks and fights better than ever. This is Dario's third match. Though he's short on experience and previous training, he was eminently watchable in matches against Dave Markus and Ray Mousi, but paired against Russo he's riveting as hairy chest bumps hairy chest, and beef finds itself well matched up against knowhow. Espinosa gives the thus-far undefeated Hercules a hard and wrenching fight, worth seeing. The match ends abruptly, but Duke and Dario linger in memory.

Movimus promises tag matches soon, with Russo teaming with Espinosa against Markus and Mousi. As far as I'm concerned, this cannot happen soon enough.


  1. Well, this' incredibly a match of the year soon to be. The grueling muscle brings submission wrestling to a whole new level. It's wise enough for Movimus to release a tag team match to balance this eps of wrestling in Movimus year.

    One thing I wonder, who's the muscular man stands there half naked to watch this great match? Movimus should make behind the scene to add more realness in their videos rooster. Just an idea..

    1. This match grows on me, hotter every time I watch it. Thanks for your comment, Kenny. Towards the match's end you catch glimpses of Dave Markus in the background. Russo took on Markus in a February release, which was covered in this posting http://ringsideatskullisland.blogspot.com/2017/02/the-master-class.html


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