All the Ammo

Nothing makes a weekend all right after grading summer-session papers like a personal video message from wrestler Chris Cannon, thanking me for the love I sent his way earlier in the week. I can't post the m4v on the blog, but MuscleBoy impresario Rocco panned the camera up Chris's swole thighs to his most exquisite torso, then to his handsome face. I don't want to humble-brag about it, but, you know, I really kinda do want to, and, besides, I just did. Here's a transcript of Chris's greeting:
Yo, what's going on, Joe? I hear you're a fan of Chris Cannon. Shit, why wouldn't you be, man? I got all the gunz [popping his biceps] and I got all the fuckin' ammo. But on the real I appreciate the love, man. I'm gonna keep bustin' them motherfuckers on the ass for you.
If you've seen his match with Tiger, you know the voice, deep, chesty, and as full-bodied as thousand-dollar whiskey. It kind of rests on my ears like warm, heavy hands. Above are a few screenshots of the video. Below are a few of the photos Rocco sent along with.


  1. 😍😍😍 Man oh man. My number one fav on the roster right now!

  2. I think its cool that guy reached out to you and even shared a video for ya ... what a classy dude. (thats becoming more and more rare on "the internets" these days...) ... RayAtL

    1. "Classy" is exactly right! Thanks for the comment.

    2. Chris is a bad ass on the mat but I gotta tell you guys he is just the coolest and most professional guy to work with. Truly a great guy!

  3. Check out his match in Catalog 3, 14 new vids, 3 new muscle boys debut!


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