Garrett Thomas vs Elite Eliot (Wrestler4Hire)

After a year of finding much to admire at Wrestler4Hire, but little to love (except for this), Elite Eliot and Garrett Thomas have conquered my heart by tickling my wrestling fancy where it is most ticklish--attentive working of an opponent's body; mucho body contact; handsome, skilled, and expressive wrestlers; generous sweat; and impactful wrestling spots strung together in a tightly coherent narrative. Eliot vs Garrett hits large on all points. It hits it out of the ballpark, in fact.

About five years ago I had a brief chat with Garrett at the autograph table of a big event up in Richmond. A friend, less interested in wrestling than in my interest in wrestling, blurted out that I had "the best wrestling blog in the world." Garrett smiled and politely inquired about the blog, and I was forthright about its slant and my wrestling kink. His smile did not fade, and he said he would have to check out "the best wrestling blog" soon, signing a photo with his tag-team catchphrase "To Joe ALL NIGHT LONG."

In this 20-minute match, Thomas grinds young Eliot down to a pulp with all the sadistic passion I ask of heels. He's in better shape than he was a few years ago, and he has the sexy flinty look of someone who's been playing the heel for a long time. I say sexy because I'm attracted to heels who treat the physical and mental demolition of an opponent as just another workday. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. He and the cameraman demonstrate great skill in displaying Eliot's taut Dionysian body to maximum effect.

Eliot looks familiar, but I can't place him. Maybe he resembles somebody I've seen in the movies. I would think if I've seen Elite Eliot before I would remember him. However, I have difficulty recognizing faces out of context (it's called face blindness*, self-diagnosed). If a wrestler takes another moniker, I've been known to take minutes to years before associating him with his former gimmick. In any case, Eliot is amazing here;  besides his supple and voluptuous physique, he sells the hell out of the match's pain and drama. I hope to see more of his work in the future, and I am already taking steps in that direction.

**I share this condition and my sexy looks with Brad Pitt.

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  1. I love Garrett Thomas's romantic gimmick in another arena, so I hope he brings it here, in this more intimate ring.


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