Bitch Colby

Mitch Colby vs Cage Thunder, Motel Madness 14 - Vegas Nights (BG East)

This fight has been brewing for years. Bad bad blood between these two. Years ago, Cage called  Mitch out, resolving "[t]o get either Bitch Colby or 'Maskador' or whatever the hell he wants to call himself in the ring once and for all." Well, they're at it now. It's not a wrestling ring, but a hotel in Las Vegas, and neither man dons the mask, yet this is the erotic battle that had to be. Apparently the two didn't realize they were in Sin City at the same time, but when they did, things happened fast. Mitch issued the challenge, then showed up at Cage's door ready to motherfuckin' rumble.

I've been slow to warm up to masked wrestlers (I enjoy too much the facial contortions brought by pain and ecstasy), and I've always deferred to Bard at neverland on matters relating to Mitch. But over the years I've taken a liking to both Colby and Thunder in a big way, so I approached this new match ready to bust a nut. Mitch is not through the door before the two are bumping chests, ready, waaay ready, to get their fight on. Mitch shoves Cage backwards through the entryway and pushes him down on the mattress already on the floor. Cage springs back up and drags Colby to the mattress, stripping him of his black wifebeater.

They appear ready to relish every second of the 40-minute match. At this point, they have few words for each other. Mitch leads, scissoring his hard tan thighs to Cage's midsection and stretching the man's arms wide and back, forcing a submission in just over a minute. Mitch doesn't wait for Cage to catch his breath before locking him in another torturous arm stretch. Thunder writhes like he's caught in a steel trap, and he might as well be, a silver lining being Colby's impeccable pecs twinkling mere inches above his eyes. Mitch notches up another quick win, and Cage looks humbled by the ordeal.

Colby peels off Thunder's workout shorts and slaps him with them. This gets a rise out of Cage, in two senses. He flips Mitch to the mattress and rides him, bulging crotch gliding up to the chest and chin. He proceeds to live most BGE fans' fantasy, repeatedly plunging his knuckles down to Mitch's navel before locking him in a headscissors and spanking the muscle-daddy's firm buttocks. Arching his hip to intensify the pressure to Mitch's head, Cage wins his first submission.

This all establishes a pattern for the rest of the fight - give and take with Mitch doing a preponderance of the heavy lifting, but with Cage riding hard to even the score. The grappling looks spontaneous and thrillingly authentic. Neither man is ready to roll over and play dead for the other. Mitch's muscles make a good show of themselves. I'm not sure that they have ever been displayed more handsomely than they are in this match. (Bard?)  Cage and Mitch adapt well to the confined space by focusing on intimate acts of aggression - scissoring, grabbing, squeezing, bending, choking, twisting, spanking - with maximum body contact.

Mid-match the energy changes, rather naturally and instinctively. Frottage, heavy breathing, muscle posing and muscle worship, kissing, stroking, and intense and passionate eye locks begin to dominate. Colby tugs off Cage's trunks, freeing Thunder's swelling cock, as Thunder proceeds to hijack my Mitch Colby fantasy - the lucky dog. Motel Madness 14  offers exactly the kind of escapism I wanted for the long, cold holiday weekend.

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  1. This match was incredible! A dream come true! So good to see Mitch Colby again and in such superb form. I wish the superior BG East wrestling match narrative/storyline skills would be adopted by their competitors.

  2. I've always wanted to wrestle Mitch, especially these days. He's really matured into a slab of muscle beef.

  3. Joe, Great report!
    I never thought that this match would happen... WoW!

  4. I think Mitch may have the best set of smooth pecs in the business and this comes from somebody who finds hairy pecs the best part of a mans body.

  5. How about Mitch tackling Slade Groman in similar circumstances? Or tempting Shane McCall in for a go-round?


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