Austin Tyler vs Nero Angelo, Match 631 - Oil Match? (UCW)

I still have not warmed up to Nero's predatory gay male act. At least I hope to hell it's an act. The guy has fans, to be sure, and he gets gigs everywhere in the underground wrestling scene. I see the appeal he has for others, but in the same way I see that vagina, WWE, and IPA are to some people's tastes, but not mine ... unfortunately. I mean that "unfortunately" ... because what could be better than to find pleasure in everything that affords pleasure to others? I've tried to keep myself open to "the Angelo experience," but, so far, nada. I will say, however, he's a nimble and resourceful wrestler, and fighting him, Austin has his hands full.

The title tells the setup. Nero wants an oil match with Austin because who wouldn't? So the 29-minute contest is a fight to determine exactly what style of match this is ultimately going to be, the oil dispenser never more than eight feet away from the center of the action. It's a vigorous battle fought with the considerable skill sets and natural instincts that Angelo and Tyler both have at their command. Both men are distinctive also in their erotic appeal - Tyler's, almost effortless, Angelo's, overblown. They are handsome, too, in contrasting ways - different styles of masculinity, both strong in build, but far removed from each other in body type and personality. I feel their earlier fight was better, but this one is a good fight, too, strenuous and whole-hearted, practically a shoot, if not altogether a shoot.

After politely asking Angelo to take the bottle of oil back where he found it, Austin kicks it out of Nero's hand and then punches him in the kisser. Sometimes no means no, guys. He maintains control for a couple of minutes, but then Nero reverses, capitalizing on his solid body mass and the array of tactics he has in his arsenal.  From that point on, the action is one 180 hot on the heels of another, with Angelo clearly making steady headway against Tyler, in increments through the rest of the video. Eventually the oil bottle itself becomes a weapon that directly (for good or for bad) contributes to the match's outcome.

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  1. Hello. I’ve just recently discovered your blog, and I really like the content you post! Especially when you cover the older BG East matches. If you’re familiar with BG East’s older wrestlers, would you be willing to identify this wrestler wearing the jockstrap and purple speedo? I’ve looked for him on their website, but had no luck. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

  2. There are wrestlers that have great chemistry with one another, but this is not one of those times. When you have the most sexually charged guy on the roster against the least sexual, you're not going to have a great match and this wasnt a great match. There was a reason in 1986, you never saw Ric Flair vs The Warlord. Styles clash and you end up with a mess. This was a mess.


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