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Muscle Beast vs Butch-J, Paris Rough House War 12 (Wrestlingmale)

I missed this rematch when it came out in October, probably because I mistook it for the wrestlers' initial run-in in Paris Rough House War 8, which I reviewed in June. Muscle Beast requested the rematch, less than satisfied with the results of his first fight against the American, Butch-J. I'll admit I was hungry for more of these two, in large part because they are two gorgeous slabs of manhood, but also because Beast is German, and for several years I've been crazy for all things German.

Like the first, this ring match is set in a spacious, perfectly lit atelier that puts me in mind of Rodin's studio in Meudon. In physique and stance, Beast and Butch  could pass as sculptures, bodies as dynamic and commanding in repose as they are in action. The bodies in conflict, though, are spectacular in a contest that supersedes the first in my imagination - both audacious and intimate, almost (almost!) too artful for its own good. I'm less impressed with the split-screen technique, but fortunately it is used sparingly and to reasonably good effect.

The classic wrestling stances - collar and elbow lock, bear hug, body scissors, backbreaker, and, ultimately, a consummate choke hold - evoke Olympian bas reliefs - or at least the glory years of Steve Reeves, Kirk Morris, and Reg Park. Yet they are not simply poses but natural and fully realized elements of a hard fight. Butch-J is no less breathtaking for being maturer than his opponent, and the less experienced Muscle Beast is as self-assured and menacing as Butch. I don't want to exaggerate the classicism of this war, but fans, like me, who find the grandiosity and pagan glamour of ancient mythologies inspiring, are certain to respond more strongly to these images than others will.

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  1. Oh wow, I missed this, too. More of these two sounds like a very good thing!

  2. I tapped the Link and looked at the rest of Muscle Beasts body of work :D. I found 8 one-one-ones. You should use more of them, especially Muscle Beast vs Adaptador (Paris Assault 3) for the exiting and imaginative moves by MB. I love the balancing of his opponent on his head.

    I didn't really look at the rest of the roster of acteurs, but I'm sure you could find a wealth of things to Share just looking at their Profile pictures.

    BTW , I read in MB 's first post Comments that asked you to contact them. Did you? Any results worth reporting to us fans?

    About my original First Comment:

    I'm sending this email in part to see if the Comments I tried to post as TablettesdeChocolat, which I've used a long while, were successfully posted. When I went to add another Comment, I saw that my first had yet to be Published.

    Its content, in short, was that I could access the site and its Posts through Chrome, which I just added yesterday in relation to the attempt to do a Reverse Search I told you about.

    It's a relief but also a bit of a hassle to look at RaSI there when every thing else is at Safari. Well, I'll survive.

    (It seems that changed, including TabblesdeChocolat, though I checked at Chrome again and no icon , no signature.)


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