Trelisse vs Castellano

Movimus is starting 2019 the right way, bringing Braden Trelisse back quickly after his impressive debut at the end of January and bringing firecracker Paul Castellano in to take him on. Braden's cool, calm demeanor contrasts nicely with Paul's hungry energy. There's a single pound's difference between the two, but they wear their weight differently, Trelisse being the beefier, Castellano, the leaner.

Like all Movimus matches, the emphasis is on wrestling and wrestling ability. The opening stretches are as close to muscle posing you'll see here, and only skill level, strength, and luck determine the outcomes. Paul and Braden are well matched, and the contest is suspenseful and attitude-free, with high-spirited give and take between these two. "You got straps, Braden," Paul says, showing respect as the two lock up collar and elbow.

Shortly after the halfway mark, Braden wins the first submission, using his shoulder to put pressure on Paul's ribs. These guys really love wrestling, and they push each other to do their best, constantly looking out for an opportunity to take advantage of. Paul's debut could not be any better, and this match is a strong confirmation of Braden's moxie.

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