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Krush vs Damon, Wrestling at Home: Episode 1 (Krushco)

Forty minutes of Krush pulling hair, throwing punches, and smothering his workout partner Damon is a refreshing break in my socially distanced new life. The footage is edited from instructional videos Krush shot at his New York home before the plague descended. The workouts are captured by a stationary camera, but at different angles throughout the ruckus. The high-key lighting captures every twitch and thump. Damon is a tough rough-and-tumbler, the sort of guy Krush likes to play with because he's Krush, and Krush, as we know, eats competition for breakfast.

The match is unrehearsed and riveting. If you are into story lines and muscle poses, this may not be for you, but as I have said many times, watching two rugged and solidly built men tangle holds my hypnotized eyes and ears like logs crackling in a fireplace. The action is as messy and unchoreographed as life, and both guys take some hard bumps along the way. Krush is not undefeatable but he's damn close. Hairy-chested Damon is close to Krush in build, weight, and spunk and is a far tougher challenge than most of the sacrificial lambs Krush draws in from his internet fan base.

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