Brutally Handsome

Oh my God is Sid Shaw HOT! and as sadistic as advertised! In under twelve minutes, he squeezes eight submissions out of slender and sucker-for-punishment Derek Ortiz. And he ain't done yet! Shaw is built to dominate and destroy. His thick build and merciless eyes are designed to make opponents wet their spandex. He allows Derek few hope spots, mostly (I think) to stretch the match out to a normal length; then, he turns them around to wring another pathetic tap-out from the challenger. I give Derek credit for keeping on keeping on. He fights back, an effort that only charges up Shaw's instinct to smash. If your sense of humor is dark like mine, you may  detect a few light moments - even the badgered Ortiz cracks a smile at times, a grim and hopeless smile, to be sure, but a smile nevertheless.

Fans of Weekend Wrestling will recognize Shaw from his matches there. Apart from the name, he's new to me, and now I'm smitten by him (not literally, but I'm working on it). After he finishes his opening stretches, he glares into the camera lens as if intending to punch it. "I don't know who you are or who you think your are," Sid says to Derek, as warm a greeting as the man is capable of, "but I'm a star in wrestling." When his challenger asks whether Sid even took the time to look up the name Derek Ortiz in preparation for this showdown, Shaw replies, "I've been too busy cracking necks, breaking backs." This kind of smack talk has not been a regular feature at Movimus, but it suits Shaw, an outsider with a chip on his shoulder.

Ortiz initiates the battle, clamping his strong thighs to Shaw's waist. Shaw is impressed. He says he likes the tightness of the scissors hold, adding, "I love feeling on the edge." He breaks loose of Derek's surefire hold as easily as breaking through rice paper and then proceeds to crack bones.

Like its predecessor, NHB-Battle, Movimus has a reputation for real grappling without bells and whistles, and I'd hate to see it turn into a carbon-copy of other underground wrestling promotions. But if a bit of flash is what it takes to get back into the business of wrestling, okay. Movimus has been off production for too long, and it's great to have it back and kicking ass.

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