So Now the Guy from Coldplay Wants a Piece of Krush!

"What's up, Krush, you bastard. Remember me from back in the day, about a hundred pounds heavier? Well, now I'm here. I've been wrestling for the past three years. Working out my Bruce Lee moves. I'm ready to just put a whoopin' on your ass. Been thinking about it day and night. These hands have been moving quick. They're ready to move right through your head. So if you think you got the guts to meet me in the ring, let me hear it cause I'll be there."
Looks like Krush's past is creeping up on him. Kyle Braun, another rugged fighter at Krushco, has put in for first dibs on this scruffy challenger. "Offer him this," Kyle suggested on Krush's Facebook page, "if he gets [through] me, he can get to you." Krush seems to like the idea. I'd also like to see Braun go up against the sweaty first challenger and see this guy take on Lucien and Jeff Gordoom. For the past four days the drama keeps bubbling up at Krushco. I hope we fans on the sidelines get something out of all this frothing testosterone ... and soon!


  1. I am loving these challenges to KRUSH - they are very interesting and are bringing an element of fun back to wrestling.


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