Duke Russo vs Shon Tracy (Movimus)

Today through November 28th (Monday), Movimus is celebrating its fourth anniversary, which coincides with Thanksgiving Day in the USA. To share the love and joy and headscissors, the company is offering 40 percent off its merchandise (the savings slip down to 30 percent for the 29th and 30th). Additional deals appear on its Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram pages. For two days beginning Thursday, Movimus will be streaming its original 2012 match--Jeff Jordan vs Travis Carter--for free on the website. But wait, there's more! Hungry for some hard competition, Russo has issued a challenge to all comers to try to take him down. Is there anyone man enough to take up this dare?

In the latest release, the undefeated superstar takes on BG East veteran Shon Tracy. Shon debuts at Movimus, having already earned his creds far and wide, but Duke is like nothing he's ever encountered before. Russo is USDA prime beef, sexy for miles, and relentlessly competitive. Tracy brings tons of experience, but, to speak frankly, Russo wipes up the mat with this guy. In four minutes he wrings a hard submission from the challenger, even drawing blood unintentionally. Just three minutes later he notches up a second.The match lasts through eight falls, each one more grueling and punishing than the last.  Duke is a one-man blitzkrieg.

Russo's star is climbing fast at Movimus, and he's hungry for stiffer competition. No wonder roughneck after roughneck is signing on to take a crack at the titan. I hope Movimus has him signed to a long, long contract.


  1. I wish some old talent at Movimus could come back to challenge Duke, like Bryan Hollister and Brock Hammer. I also think Chuck Rowan might offer him a little challenge.

  2. Congratulations for the Movimus team and its 4th birthday.

    I hope in the future they try to do different things, even if this means to go back to its root.

    I miss the old matches on the carpet, in a room, in a ring and other unusual places, like grass and sand.

    I would like to see more matches with the fighters using different gears/clothes as well. These tiny speedos are getting old and sometimes they don't look very masculine to me. I don't think they should stop using using it, but they could diversify a bit.

    Also, i think it would be nice to watch a new match featuring Aron Stokes. Where is he after all?

    I really enjoy this crossover idea with fighters from different companies, like bgeast, but maybe they should try to bring some guys from companies like fighting4fun and wrestlers & lutteurs as well.

    Having said that, i still enjoy their stuff and they are the number 1 in my opinion.

  3. Hi Giulian

    Thank you for the feedback. With regards to different locations, we are going to start testing in 2017 with new filming location in Las Vegas.
    As for gear, we do agree that we can try more variety, and will try to test more options. Happy thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks for the reply.

      Can't wait for the next year. Keep up the good work. :)

  4. I dont agree with going back to matches on carpets etc, the mat wrestling is their strength and allows for more real matches. They also look super professional. However the odd outdoor match could be fun.

    I do agree about the gear, the speedos are fine but the tiny posing trunks i actually find a turn off. Sometimes leaving more to the imagination is better, and more masculine for wrestling

    1. This is somewhat subjetive. I really enjoy those amateurish style of the first movimus matches (actually,

      That scenario looks more familiar to me, as most of my private matches are like that. If i can identify myself in these videos, there are a higher chance i will enjoy it.

      Of course, the oldest fights don't have much quality, but i am sure they could make a better video with today's technology.

      Also, it is possible to use different places and still look very professional, like boxing ring and octagon.

      The ring matches featuring Lance Jeffers are among the best fights they produced. I am sure octagon matches would look even better.

      As for the gears and clothes, the ones they used on Christian Londis vs Jeff Powers match are my favorite.

      Those underwear used by some fighters at w-and-l and fightroom are also very interesting. Unfortunately their wrestling matches aren't as good as the movimus ones.

  5. I couldn't disagree more about the gear. Not only does it look amazing and really show off their hot bodies, it's probably very practical given the contortions they must go through. It's also now a signature look for Movimus. I'm sure Movimus can tell us more if gear plays any role in which products sell vs don't.


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