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Krush vs Stan Torum, Summer Spash-Down: Version X (Krushco)

My message to Krush at Krushco: "I can't thank you enough, Krush. I think this is the hottest wrestling I have EVER seen." The closest comparisons I can think of are the weltering classics of old - Brad Michaels vs Brandon Reevet and Cliff Conlin vs Doug Avery, for example - a small, select group of quick-tempered roughnecks who left their mark on all my subsequent wrestling fantasies.

Version X is a 50-minute director's cut of previously released encounters between Krush and Stan, with the addition of a missing buck-naked maelstrom in the bedroom. What we get is a fuller sense of the scope of the brawl first released in 2016 - but what a difference the added footage makes! The action begins in a bathroom and tumbles outside to the hot tub. Then, we get its mirror image with the roles reversed. Next, there's singlet action on the same sundeck from the next day of shooting, which careens indoors and onto the bed. The final segment features Krush and Stan stripped down to the skins for what has to be the most smoldering encounter in Krushco history. It's every bit how I imagine the gymnasia of the ancient Greeks to have been - provided the Greeks had pillow fights and indoor plumbing.

Stan and Krush look better naked than they do in wrestling trunks. I suppose I would say the same for most wrestlers, but it cannot be said enough about Stan and Krush. This is one of those rare matches that, had I total charge of production, could not have better matched my tastes in wrestling, groan for groan. (No doubt you'll notice I have censored some of the shots below at nobody's request, not because I am a prude or think any of my visitors are prudes, but simply out of a perverse inclination to save some mystery for visitors' first viewing of the video, if interested.) This is one of those fights that there's just not enough tissues in the house to clean up after myself.

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  1. I saw the hot tub portion of this years ago, and just stumbled on the Directors Cut. I think I have to buy it.


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