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Jax Atwell vs Eli Black, Match 686 (UCW)

Oh yeah, Eli Black is exciting. My response to his ring and mat work is, by now, a conditioned reflex. He's certainly good looking, in person he practically glows, but, unexpectedly, that's not what turns me on.  It is his daredevil combat style that excites me most. His 2012 interview was so belligerent and bratty that it gave me blue balls for weeks. For months after, we engaged in a war of words in posts and the comments sections. In my mind, that may be THE high point of this blog for me. It's undoubtedly my favorite interview - on the weight of its insolence alone.

So when newcomer Jax Atwell expressed interest in wrestling Eli in the most recent of UCW's weekly vlogs, my mouth watered. The match's outcome was, I felt, a done deal before either man stepped into the ring - and there was no way on earth or in hell I would miss this fight. I don't want to say more about it. The GIFs get my point across. It's an inventively messy brawl. It's not Eli's best*, but it is 100% Eli - and that means it's worth selling some plasma to buy the download. There are complicating factors to it - interference for one - and things don't play out exactly the way Eli or I had thought they would. Still the end - blunt and pitiless -  may give me bedtime boners for weeks.

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  1. Not on your list but Eli vs Austin Cooper is a great match. Loved Eli putting him out!!

  2. It's not on your list but Eli vs Austin Cooper from bg east is a great match. Love when Eli sits on austin punching his sweaty pecs. Then he puts him to sleep!


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