I am unabashedly an Austin Cooper fan. Even my least favorite match of his is one that I dearly love. He ranks top among the BG East wrestlers who are my "type," chiefly on the strength of his often embodying one of my personal kicks: the "heel who looks like a babyface." Still, I was surprised to discover that my post about him on Saturday had shot him to the top of wrestlers I have written about most frequently on this blog, edging out other favorites like Axel* and Jake Jenkins--for the time being, anyway. 

In BGE's Demolition 16: Austin's Heel Turn, we supposedly get Coop's definitive turn to the dark side, spurred by an unexpected trouncing by pretty babyface Rio Garza. When he returns in the second match to face masked newcomer Mister E, he fully looks the part, replete with a black leather vest and an unsavory sneer that even Lee Van Cleef might envy. He has toyed with turning evil in other matches, both at BG East (his sadistic turn against Patrick Donovan last summer, for instance) or, even earlier at Rock Hard Wrestling (his teaming with the equally heel-curious Jenkins). Although it looks here like he has gone to the devil's corner for good (or, rather, evil), I'm assured, on the best authority, that he will again be babyfacing in future matches at BG East. I'm told he just wants to "mix things up" a bit, reputation-wise.

I'm glad I can expect to see his cherubic dimples in a variety of roles in the future--heel and babyface, singles competitor and tag partner, mentor and executioner, winner and loser. For now my preference is "Blackjack Cooper." In his sweaty match against Rio, he even resurrects the "iron claw," that sublimely unbelievable and ridiculously sexy tactic that seems to have disappeared from other wrestling venues. He despises the Latin heartthrob for reputedly being prettier than he and vows to "get rid" of him, once and for all. Garza proves difficult to dispose of, however. 

It's his fight against E that really winds me up. After stomping down on the rookie while he's doing pushups, Austin bombards him with body slams, Irish whips, kicks, and corner bludgeoning till the poor kid squeaks out a submission, only to have Austin retort, "Too late now." Like me, Mister E appreciates a good heel when he sees (and feels) one--the both of us sporting boners through a good 88 percent of this bout. E moans, pleads, attempts to flee, and clings insecurely to the ropes, all to no avail. He is a perfect victim for Coop to torment. In the end, Austin finds that one piledriver is just not enough to satisfy his need for violence and domination. After knocking the kid clean out, Austin yanks him up to his feet for at least the illusion of semi-consciousness before bashing him flat to the canvas again.

Austin's ability to constantly reinvent himself--while always looking fantastic--is why I haven't burned out on him yet. Every two or three matches he seems to leap up a full notch in his ability to surprise and impress me. This video, thanks to an excellent premise and beautiful and responsive opponents, takes him up a couple of notches.

* Axel could reasonably call for a recount on this point because his numbers are based strictly on the posts wherein he's labeled "Axel," his name at UCW-Wrestling, and not as one of three or four of his other noms de lutte elsewhere. And I have not yet reviewed Coop's latest manifestation at yet another website under a new name.


  1. I regret that I can't afford this DVD. I like Austin in any persona and like you appreciate his choice for diversity!

    This is likely my final or nearly final post. It's been great and ill miss you!

  2. I love Mister E,
    he is a handsome sexy stud and it was intense watching Austin Cooper knock the hottest, most perfect man on Earth out so many times!


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